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Environmental policy and objectives
  1. Employees shall at all times be aware of the environment impact on their actions and consequently are expected to act in a responsible manner.
  2. Although the company appreciates that spoil and site debris is inevitable in our industry, employees are expected to ensure that it is removed as soon as possible, so that it does not create a potential hazard. All surplus material should be disposed of at a recognised Tip. Sites are expected to be kept as tidy as is reasonably practicable and this in turn will result in safer and more efficient working practices.
  3. Employees are reminded not to trespass on private property.
  4. Fuels and lubricants used on site should be contained safely and should not be allowed to contaminate the ground or any nearby water courses. Similarly there should be no fouling (of any description) of water courses. Burning of material should not be carried out.
  5. If any archaeological remains are found, employees are expected to inform the site supervisor/foreman.
  6. Employees are expected to avoid damage to property, including natural features such as trees and hedgerows.
  7. Employees should take care not to create a nuisance and in particular care should be taken in the following instances:
    • Avoid high noise levels and always use silenced or muffled items of plant, tools, etc.
    • Avoid unnecessary emissions such as smoke, dust, exhaust fumes, etc.
    • Avoid unnecessary obstructions to road users and pedestrians
  8. All resin tins, paint tins and other potentially hazardous material shall be disposed of in the correct manner.
  9. Care shall be taken not to cross-contaminate reusable material with non-reusable hazardous waste.
  10. All workshop waste shall be disposed of in a suitable manner.
  11. All plant and vehicles shall be properly maintained to ensure that there is no unnecessary pollution.
  12. The company will ensure as far as is reasonably practicable that any waste resulting from its operations, will be disposed strictly in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34 ‘The Duty of Care – Waste Management’.
  13. Regular spot checks will be carried out by senior management to ensure this policy is strictly adhered to.
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